Visual Delights of Kanpur Philatelic Bureau

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

My experience of Kanpur Philatelic Bureau is not over. I have many more visual delights to share. Like Special Cover of 25 years of Speed Post, I have collected FDCs of 100 Years of CIVIL AVIATION in 3 formats i.e. MS  cancelled on FDC.I had sent one se-tenant from MS of 100 years of CIVIL AVIATION for cancellation. This was conveyed to Bureau Officials over phone as well as in letter also. Their consent was obtained before dispatch n it was explained very categorically as how the cancellation is to be done. Despite putting so much effort n taking so much pain in this matter, what I got back is here for everyone\’s DELIGHT. Pl enjoy this aspect/offshoot of inevitable philately which is nothing but ALL PAIN. Any way Happy Stamp Collecting.

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    In the same vein, keep aside the en route manhandling of packages. Recently I received London-2012 stamps inextricably stuck.
    Sweaty hands at G.P.O?
    In the water they went-and used up forthwith.
    This has happened on several occasions in the past also.

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