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\"\"Israel offers tourists a wide range of landscapes, historical sites, diverse culture and rich biological diversity. All come together to create a unique, diverse and unforgettable tourist experience. The sites featured on the stamp sheets – Rosh Hanikra, Jaffa and Timna – are but a few of the remarkable sites that attract tourists and express this uniqueness.


Jaffa has been in existence since biblical times and its port is considered to be one of the most ancient in the Mediterranean. This port gave Jaffa its historical role as a key city in the eastern Mediterranean Basin and as the western entryway into the Land of Israel. Modern visitors easily recognize the special atmosphere of Old Jaffa’s winding alleyways. A walk through the streets of Jaffa reveals historical and mythological sites related to different religions and periods: monasteries, churches and mosques co-exist peacefully along the city’s streets and the flea market is always full of good cheer.

Rosh Hanikra

 Rosh Hanikra offers visitors numerous experiences and attractions. This unique nature reserve is located at the northern edge of Israel’s Mediterranean coastline. A steep cliff leading down to the beach lies at the heart of the reserve. A cable car provides visitors with breathtaking views en route to the grottos and the beach is one of Israel’s most beautiful beaches.


Timna Park is located approximately 25 kms northof Eilat and serves as a valuable tourist center in Israel’s southern region. The park provides a geological window of landscape formations sculpted by the forces of nature and is also a historical site, telling the story of the world’s most ancient copper mines. Timna Park offers a wide range of tourist and extreme attractions – a new bicycle trail, hiking trails, visits to historical sites and various educational activities.

Technical Details Issue Date: 04.09.2012 Designer: Pini Hamou Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 30 mm x 40 mm

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