7 Responses to Philatelist\’s of Ajmer:Be Ready for Incomplete Collection

  1. Dinu says:

    Dear Pujaraji,

    If I sound harsh forgive me but

    I shall suggest you to kindly stop whimpering

    It will not give you unnecessary heart burn. LOL
    I have stopped long back as nothing happens even if we whimper.

    This is our fate and we must submit to it. Babudom is like that and let us accept it.
    By the way , in contradiction, there are enormous positive changes in Delhi Bureau.
    I can confirm that some of the suggestions are really being given sympathetic consideration.
    We have hope left – so we must not stop whimpering.

    Paradox and paradox.
    Have a great day.


    As far as I know, only small sheets(sheetlets) have been printed for
    the London 2012 stamps, so how can one have a four-stamped
    FDC without breaking up a sheet(let).
    IMHO the instruction must have been for the MIXED-sheetlet of
    which, as per the brochure, only 20,000 have been printed. I myself
    received FDC in a 4-stamp se-tenant strip form taken out from a
    mixed sheetlet.
    Moreover, what’s the problem in having a FDC out of miniature
    sheet stamps. It costs the same & a huge quantity of 4 lacs has
    been printed. I myself got 10 M/S thru my PDA/c. as against
    my standing order for only 2.
    London 2012 stamps are the same if taken separately one piece at
    a time, 3 different sources notwithstanding!

  3. Dear Dinu Ji, I fully agree with u that there is lot of improvement in Supply from Delhi Bureau. I am having a PDA a/c in Delhi n to my utter surprise I was much delighted to receive supply in my a/c this month. Let us hope that this good sense prevails for all times to come.


    Hello!! Mr. Dinu,

    This is Philamirror & not Facebook.

  5. Puneet says:

    Mr. Anil i have a stamp collection and i want to sell it

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