Israel :Thanks to Them Stamp Issue

\"\"There are 750,000 senior citizens currently living in Israel. The life expectancy in Israel is among the highest in the world and senior citizens now constitute the country’s fastest growing population, by 2030 it is expected to number some 1.4 million. This indicates that we are facing a demographic revolution. Coping with the many challenges posed by this trend, through increased awareness and comprehensive preparedness, is one of the key functions of the Ministry for Senior Citizens.

Since the ministry was established, the State of Israel has seen a dramatic change in attitude toward senior citizens. Today, no government body, local authority or public entity is unaware of the significance of senior citizens. The ministry works to improve senior citizen services in many areas, including culture, continued learning, welfare, health, transportation and sports. And all are geared toward the characteristics of the “new” senior citizen.

Israel’s senior citizens remodeled our history with their own hands, here in Eretz Israel. We have all benefitted thanks to them and the State of Israel, despite its young age, is a progressive, developed and leading country in all areas. We continue to build, advance and develop the country based on the foundations that they created.

Over the years, native born Israelis and immigrants from the Diaspora, including Holocaust survivors, have been part of every cornerstone of this young country – clandestine immigrants during the British Mandate, heroes of the underground organizations, heroes of the IDF and other security branches, the founders of Israel’s education system and culture, people from the realms of economics, law, commerce and industry. Every person who contributed to his/her own home, the community and society – has helped mold modern Israel with his/her own hands.

The Ministry for Senior Citizens considers it to be a moral obligation as well as a great privilege to show proper gratitude and respect for our senior citizens. Senior citizens are active and continue to contribute to the community and the country. This stamp marks respect and appreciation for them.

The stamp features the hands of a senior citizen as they create a Star of David, symbol of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The stamp immortalizes the long-term vision, hard work and achievement invested here for the sake of all and portrays the younger generations’ gratitude for what was done on their behalf. Through this stamp, the State of Israel recognizes the immense contribution its senior citizens have made to building this land and establishing this country.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 04.09.2012
Designer: David Ben-Hador
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 30 mm x 40 mm

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