\"\"By Abishek Jalan

Jaipur Philatelic Society today organized a one day philatelic and coin exhibition at S. S. Jain Subodh PG College on 6th Sep 2012.The event was beautifully organized and large crowd was present to visit the event. The event was held in the main hall and it was packed to its capacity by both collectors and visitors. The one day exhibition was inaugurated by the Principal of college with a ribbon cutting.

\"\"Mr. A. K. Gupta from Jaipur displayed a collection on currency notes of Republic India which included year wise, error varieties, star series notes and fancy numbers.

A single note containing two different serial numbers was also shown. He also displayed a collection on Jaipur State. The postal covers and post cards were duly cancelled.There were total 165 divisions in Jaipur State and each had a different cancellation. Each one can be found in his possession and some of them could be seen there. After death of Mahatma Gandhi, his ashes were immersed in Ganges. The day was announced as state holiday by the Jaipur Government and the original document is in his possession.

\"\"First Day Covers with autograph of relatives, concerning persons and prominent people of the world was also a subject of interest.

A collection on Disney Cartoons through Stamps was displayed by Mr. Abhoy Banerjee, which depicted evolution and development in Disney Cartoons through Stamps.

Thematic collection on Butterfly was shown by Abishek Jalan. The exhibit consists of country wise collection from A to Z.  A collection on Face on Face

\"\"was displayed by Anurakti Vajpeyi of class 4A from St. Anslem North City School, Jaipur. Abhyuday Vajpeyi of class 8E from St.Anslem North City School,Jaipur displayed a thematic collection on Place Cancelled First Day Covers.

St. Anslem North City School is slowly upcoming in philatelic activities. If given proper support and guidelines from philatelists, the school can also contribute in this hobby and the cause of philately.

The centre of attraction was Matchbox collection by Adinath Pareek. He is an Ayurvedic doctor and started collecting them since 1963. His collection consists of Matchboxes from around 108 different countries and a total of 48,000 matchboxes displayed in Adinath Matchbox Museum and Research Centre in Jaipur. His collection is recognized in Limca Book of World Record 2012.\"\"

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