Aruba:Rembrandt Regatta Stamp Issue

\"\"Rembrandt Regatta Aruba is a sailing competition (\”Around Aruba Race\”) that has been taking place since 2010. This event consists of three days of action and competition for yachts, beach cats, sunfishes, optimists, windsurfers and kitesurfers, and three evenings of music and parties for all participants and spectators. The stamps feature:150c (horizontal) – Eva Luna, captain Eric Mijts ,150c (vertical) – Sunfish,175c (horizontal) – Ocean 505, captain Ernest \’Ernie\’ Kervel,175c (vertical) – Teishi, captain Henk Weustink ,200c (horizontal) – Sunfish and  200c (vertical) – Dash, captain Remco van Dortmondt

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