Isle of Rona :Local Carriage Stamps 2012

\"\"Isle of Rona issued a set of 2 stamps on 1st Sep 2012 on \’Our Famous Rona Grouse’. In the early part of the year this cock grouse stakes his territory between Church Cave and the South of the island. Visitors encroaching the area are treated to a territorial display only a few feet from their own feet. He has no fear and will fly in to harass visitors even in the company of dogs. There are two stamps both of 0.75p value.  One with a black and white backgrounds the other with a sepia background, and the Grouse in his full plumage. The block of two is shown above.RS 17 2012 Grouse stamp on b/w background:    0.75pRS 18 2012 Grouse stamp on sepia background:  0.75p Image size 41 x 29 mm

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