Book Review:Year Book of Indian Philately 2011

By Abishek Jalan

Senior Philatelist Madan Middha’s year book is aimed to provide the readers a glimpse of the score card of the Year Book of Indian Philately 2011. The writer wishes to tell us a\"\" lot about Philately. It is not just a hobby but a bank of unlimited knowledge. It is a great learning process for the youth and the biggest window of the world. It is universe for both research and history and serious study. With the patronage of learned readership and contributions of knowledgeable authors, the “Year Book of Indian Philately” has won commendable acclaim everywhere, at home and on international grounds. The writer shares all the credit for these achievements, with readership and contributing philatelists whole heartedly.

The Journal deepens the meaning of Philately as described in the words of Madan Middha. An Interesting Topic named Pigeon Post in India by Naresh Agarwal, Bilaspur is discussed here. Homing pigeons were transported in cages to their destinations and they were attached with messages and they would fly back to their master or home by natural instincts where the messages were detached and read by the owner. The practice is discontinued due to revolutionary developments in communication technology but its need can be felt in times of natural calamities. A huge amount of philatelic materials are displayed regarding the subject.

Ungummed Definitives of 2005 – 2006 can otherwise be called as Un–Noticed Gems as elaborated by Ashok Bayanwala, Ahmedbad. 8th Definitive Series of 2000 includes 25 Paise Black Buck issued on 20/07/2000, 50 Paise Nilgiri Tahar issued on 20/07/2000, 100 Paise Saras Crane issued on 20/07/2000, 200 Paise Rose issued on 16/08/2002, 400 Paise Painted Stork issued on 20/09/2001, 500 Paise Leopard Cat issued on 30/04/2000, 1000 Paise Tiger issued on 30/04/2000, 1500 Paise Butterfly issued on 20/11/2000, 2000 Paise Amaltaas issued on 20/11/2000. 9th Definitive Series includes 500 Paise International Year of Physics (Einstein) issued on 31/03/2005. Special definitive series includes 100 Paise Subhash Chandra Bose issued on 23/01/2001 and 200 Paise Sardar Vallabhbbhai Patel issued on 31/10/2000.

Refugee Relief Perfins 1971-1973 by Rajesh Paharia. A stamp which has some inscription or distinctive patterns or numerals perforated on it as security endorsements. These perforations are made by some private business or governmental agencies to discourage pilferage and misuse of their stamp stocks. A list of found RRT Perfin user is also given.

Dead Letter Offices by Jeevan Jyoti. With the volume of mail traffic handled by the post offices running in to millions and billions, there are bound to be a number of articles which do not find their designated doors because of a number of reasons. These can be due to wrongly addressed, hand writing, and many other reasons. Currently these RLO’s are functioning at Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Shillong and Tiruvendrum.

INDIPEX 2011India International Philatelic Exhibition was held in February 2011 from 12th to 18th February. Day One – Peace and Harmony Day, Day Two – Economic Empowerment Day, Day Three – Youth Day, Day Four – Science and Technology Day, Day Five – Culture and Heritage Day, Day Six – Environment Day, Day Seven – Aero philately Day. Khadi Stamp was released during the Show. My Stamp otherwise known as Personalized Indian Stamp was also introduced. Commemorative Stamps on 100 years of Airmail Flight and Heroines of Indian Cinema was released. Other hits were Philatelic Passport and beautied ignored were Special Covers released. Awards were awarded to exhibits exhibited in the Exhibition.

Stamp issue program of 2011 is also mentioned in the book. The book also includes issue program of postal stationary issued during 2011. APS covers, Commemorative Post Marks listing, Numbers on Special Covers, Philatelic Activities in India is listed in the book. Activities of Philatelic Organization, Interesting Philatelic News, and Philatelic Advisory Committee are also discussed here.

A very effective effort has been done by the writers present and the book completes the very need of an Indian Philatelist, as every single activity taken place can be witnessed here.

Follows here record of the awards and citations won by the Year Book so far:

Year Exhibition/


Place & Year Edition Awards won
1998 GUJPEX-98

(State Level)

Vodadara 1997 A Place in the Invitee Section
2000 MILLEPEX-2000


Bhubnaswar 1998 Silver

(Asian International)

Kolkata 1999 Silver Bronze
2002 PHILKOREA-2002


Seoul 1999 Silver Bronze
2010 SINE-2010

(All India)

New Delhi 2009 Silver
2011 INDIPEX-2011


New Delhi 2009 Bronze
2011 NIPPON-2011


Yokohoma 2009 Silver Bronze
2011 China-2011


Wuxi 2010 Bronze
2011 SINE-2011

(All India)

New Delhi 2010 Silver


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