India Post’s New Online Stamp Catalouge:An Useless Exercise

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

India post has recently modified their official website. In their opinion by adding a link i.e catalogue of Indian Commemorative Stamps probably the Babudom of India Post think that a great job has been done. In fact what is this catalogue? Just a list of commemorative stamps issued by India Post after Independance.It is just a year wise list of commemorative stamps giving bare minimum information about the stamps i.e date of release, denomination of stamp n the category in which it falls theme wise. There is no image of the stamp, there is no detail of the motive, purpose, brief history and/ or brief background on account of which that particular stamp has been issued. Should it be concluded that India Post does not have the image of the stamp nor it could be arranged by the authorities. Does it mean that the brief history of the stamp is not available with the authorities concerned to share with collectors. Or it is another halfhearted attempt of India Post without applying the mind that Philately is a rich n authentic source of gathering knowledge also. The brief history along with image of the stamp would have played a positive role of motivation for new collectors who would have been attracted by the adventures n adventurous world of Philately which is not a priority of India Post it seems. The situation becomes more murkier when we read after opening the link that India Post has written Suggestions/ Errors…………be mailed to…..It reflects that there is lack of confidence, poor maintenance of record/ information on the part of All Powerful Babudom of GREAT PATRIOTIC INSTITUTION OF GREAT INDIA. When will we rise n demonstrate that we are serious n can deliver the complete n best? Can we expect the answer….

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4 Responses to India Post’s New Online Stamp Catalouge:An Useless Exercise

  1. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    updating catalogue is very important to all stamp collectors , but each item issued including the important details must have the corresponding exact picture, it is really important, especially to neophyte collectors who observes and follow the expertise on senior and advance collectors on philately.

  2. Dinu says:

    Dear Mr. Pujara,

    I shall partly agree and partly disagree with you. First the disagreement on the ground that something is better than nothing. If you cirticise too harshly that will dampen the spirit to do anything. Atleast something has started and they have asked for kind suggestions for seniors like you to improve. Nothing strange about low confidence of them on Philately as in many post offices where philatelic counters are supposed to be there the concerned cannot even understand the term Philately. This sorry state is happening due to the reason where both philatelists and India post should be blamed – this is my personal opinion.

    Once I have posted / volunteered that if scanned copy of folders available with everyone is send to me I can compile write up and circulate to all contributors with due credit given. Have heard nothing from any quarter.

    I agree with you that job could have been done in much better and professional way. From the reply received on my feedback to Mr. Singh I am confident that they are very open and we shall surely see a better version in near future.

    I have seen some very good compilation done by two youngsters somewhere in web. Shall post the link in due course.


  3. Rajesh Pareek says:

    Despite all these anomalies let us say ‘thanks-a-lot’ to P&T…. at last they have thought to ‘contribute’ something in benefit of the philatelists…. Thanks

  4. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Dear,Dinu jee /Philatelists
    I suggest you down load the list on excel format and start putting
    copy of concern stamps in the first cube you can do it from India Post WEB site year wise issue of stamps,whenever you get folder of the stamp , scanned it and paste it with the stamp (make hide) .this exercise is long but you can get full control over the issued stamps.

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