India Post : Stamps on London Olympic Games 2012

\"\"By Vishal Chhatwani

India Post has today issued 4 stamps , a miniature sheet and sheetlet on 2012 London Olympic Games.Denomination-5Rs,5Rs 20 Rs 20Rs,Miniature sheet-50 Rs

India is issuing stamps on Olympic Games since 1968.Only one MS on Olympic Games was issued by India in 2008.Have a look of all stamps released by India on Olympic Games 2012.\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"












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18 Responses to India Post : Stamps on London Olympic Games 2012

  1. Sandeep says:

    Great! We should be highly thankful to India Post, as it was not binding upon them to do so. But they care for olympics stamps collectors.

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  3. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Bringing flashes of our philatelic contributions over Olympic games,thanks.


    In think, Olympic Stamps issued by India Post in 2000,2004 &
    2008 were plain bad. Look at 1976 & 1996 stamps that I find so
    beautiful. Better luck 2012!

    Anyway, thanks for placing all the stamps on a single page.


    Sorry for the TYPO-the starting line should read as follows-

    In my personal opinion,

  6. sreejesh says:

    Thanks to India Post……..what more than 4 stamps, Souvenier sheet and sheetlet is required from India Post……

  7. sreejesh says:

    and releasing function will be at London……


    Olympics 2012 stamps follow the same design pattern as that of
    Olympic 2000 & 2008 stamps. Could be better & different.
    Look at the value numerals-so indistinct!
    In fact, the postal official in my city had a hard time ascertaining
    the value of miniature of Dargah Sharif sheet I used on Speed Post.
    Whereas the value mentioned on all the personalities stamps is
    highly legible.
    India Post seem to have abandoned a certain standard of
    mentioning values on stamps.

  9. Dinu says:

    Nice presentation.

  10. Dinu says:

    It is really has become an issue that to see any comment – I have to write something here as comment – earlier that was not necessary.

    Editor – request you to do something


  11. Dinu says:

    To all readers – an update of Delhi GPO as on 27.02.12 approx 11:45 hours

    Rowing(Rs. 5) and Badminton (Rs. 20) stamps were not available. Other two (50%) of the set was available – why? to create artificial scarcity??? Broken sets can not be collected. So??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again no sheetlets were available – Reason given – not received from NashikPune.

    MS were given 4 per person – this is OK to stop buying of entire package by others.

    Sheetlet of Shekha + war paintings are available.

  12. Dinu says:

    Can anyone tell me where is the sheetlet available?

  13. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Dinujee, reader’s comments is the mother-milk of Blogsphere!
    Ask the owner of the site?

  14. Sandeep says:

    Philately Bureau at Coimbatore HPO informed that Olympic issue is still not available to them and it will take another 15 days for these stamps to be available.

  15. Dinu says:

    Dear Friends
    This update for you all.

    My 4th visit to Sansad Marg GPO since 25th July 2012- Olympic 2012 Full sheets of each type are now available. MS also – But mixed sheetlet (Rs. 250/-) is not available. Seems to have vanished from the market. Have posted on 27th July also some feedback.

    Great – IP will never let us down by satisfying our need .

  16. Dinu says:

    Gargsaab + all readers,
    I think another high money minting process is on – Mixed setenant sheetlet has evaporated from Post office supply – I go it checked in Hyderbad, Mumbai & Delhi GPO – it has to condense drip down to some some lucky hands.

    That is why I asked simply can anyone tell me where can I have one mixed setenant sheetlet?
    Quantity printed – different confusing version from different source.

    Reverse calculation gives fuzzy answers – leave it ; LOL
    :-), 😉

  17. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Of some 90/100 sheetlets issued in the last 10 years I have some 65/70
    in my collection. But, as my collection is not incomplete I personally have no reasons to complain if I do not get sheetlets through my PDA/c.
    It will be O.K. with me if I receive the Olympic-2012 stamps, FDC &
    of course the miniature-sheet of which I have all the 102+ issued
    till date.
    Yes, for those who possess all the sheetlets issued till date it becomes
    almost mandatory that they procure the Olympics-2112 sheetlets
    too, that’s right.

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