Australia Issued New Stamps on London Olympic Games 2012

\"\"Australia Post issued stamps on 17th July 2012 for celebrating Australia’s success at past Olympic Games with three stamps representing discipline of Swimming, sport of Rowing and the event of Pole Vault.This stamp issue, designed by Melbourne-based designer Jonathan Chong, comprises one domestic base-rate (60c) stamp (Swimming), one international postcard-rate ($1.60) stamp (Pole Vault) and one international letter-rate ($2.35) stamp (Rowing).  Each stamp features a colourful image of an athlete in action against a stark white background.The stamp illustrations have also been rendered with a watercolour effect giving them a unique appearance.The symbol of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) also features on each of the stamps.The London 2012 Olympic Games stamp products include a first day cover, stamp pack, set of three maxicards, self-adhesive sheetlet of five x $1.60 stamps, self-adhesive sheetlet of five x $2.35 and a self-adhesive roll of 100 x 60c stamps. This stamp issue also includes a postal and numismatic cover featuring three $1 Aluminium Bronze coins released by The Perth Mint. The coins are legal tender and were designed by Wade Robinson.

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