New Stamps on 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games


\"\"The Olympic stamps features Track & Field; Hurdles, Olympic Torch, OLYMPIA: The place where it all began and Swimming. Date of Issue: 5 April 2012 Denominations: 500c x 4


\"\"Date of Issue 01.06.12 Denomination  € 1.10 Quantity Issued  100 000 Size 33 x 27 , 5 XMM Perforation ¾ 14:13 Sheets  5 x 4 Print  offset Printing House  AS Vaba Maa Ilves Indrek Design


\"\"Slovenia post issued Olympic stamps showing motifs of swimming, judo, sailing and basketball. The left and rightmargins depict the Olympic rings, the logo of London 2012 and stamps of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. From 1912 to the present day, a total of 351 Slovenes have taken part in the summer Olympics (and since 1924 a total of 301 at the winter Olympics). Out of the total 652 Slovene Olympians, 51 have won 69 medals. The record-holder in terms of medals won is the legend of Slovene and world Olympic sports, gymnast Leon Štukelj, who won six medals between 1924 and 1936.Slovene sports men and women have earned independent Slovenia 21 medals (4 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze). Some 86 Slovene sports men and women are expected to compete at the 30th summer games, and the exact number will be known by 3 July 2012. Date of Issue: 25 May 2012Denominations: EUR 0.77 and 0.92


\"\"The Bahamas celebrates its participation in the London 2012 Olympic Games by releasing a special stamp issue.Designs, the concepts of which are based on the iconic posters produced for the 1948 Games are as follows:

15c – Boxing with a view of the Houses of Parliament in the background
50c – High Jump with a view of Nelsons Column in the background
65c – Swimming with a view of the Tower Bridge in the background
70c – Athletics with a view of the Main Olympic Stadium in the background

The stamps feature London 2012 Emblem (C) The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited 2007. All rights reserved

Paralympic Games 2012 London – Slovakia

The first Paralympic Games for physically handicapped sportsmen, mostly British soldiers – disabled peoplefrom WWII, were held on 29th July1948. It took place on the same day as the Opening Ceremony of the XIV Olympic Games.\"\"

Neurologist Dr. Ludwig Guttmann (1899 – 1980) from Stoke Mandeville hospital in Aylesbury organised a wheelchair archery contest for soldiers with spinal cord injuries. He was convinced that sport is a form of therapy. The first, still British, repetition took place in 1952 in the same location, and athletes from Holland joined it. Stoke Mandeville Games were awarded by Fearnly Cup by International Olympic Committee in 1956.In 1966, Guttmann had been knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, thus became Knight of the Order of the British Empire. In 1960, the games took place in Rome during the Olympic Games, the following cities were Tokyo, Tel-Aviv and Heidelberg. In Toronto in 1976 not only athletes in wheelchairs took part, but alsoathletes with a wide range of disabilities. Date of Issue: 28 June 2012 Denominations: 0.90 € x 2

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