800th Urs Dargah Sharif -Ajmer :Place Cancelled Brochure

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

Recently India Post wasted another opportunity for the reasons best known to them even. To commemorate the 800th URS at DARGAH SHARIF AJMER, two stamps n MS were issued on27.05.2012. It could have been issued in the format of SHEETLET/SETENANT. But no rather BIG NO. India Post does a thing but in a Half Hearted manner. Had it been in the format of SHEETLET/ SETENANT, it would have been an excellent addition in the collection of Collectors. It did not, nevertheless deter me n on the suggestion// advice of many of my friends/well wishers, I could get FDC n Information Sheet cancelled with se-tenant from MINIATURE SHEET fixed on each n cancelled from AJMER Bureau. Though it can not be termed as Se-tenant in the literal sense of SETENANT. But with the liberal interpretation, it can be stretched to include a SETENANT.Here are the images from my collection for ur delight n many more to follow. Till next enjoy stamp collecting but avoid taking out philatelic material in the open because of moisture on account of Rainy Season.

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One Response to 800th Urs Dargah Sharif -Ajmer :Place Cancelled Brochure

  1. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Philatelic value of cancellation at Dargah Sharif brings the exhibit under
    Sufiesm-Nirgun and Ekishwarwad.Mr Pujara put Amir khushro stamp issued by Pakistan with his verse you like with some more feathers and enjoy your self.

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