786 in Indian Philately

By R.K.Mishra\"\"

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6 Responses to 786 in Indian Philately

  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    It is 786 or 7806 ? Lot of difference on both these figures. 786 denotes first aayat of Muslim Holy book Quran whichexpands “Bismillaur rahamanurrahim. It means starting with the name of Allah (God) who is curtious, helpful and soft hearted person (Shuru Karta hu Allah ke nam se jo nek aur raham dil insan hai).

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    But 7806 has very different meaning.

  3. K Sridhar says:

    Very nice… Innovative…


    Wonder, why India Post did not use Green ink in Ala Hazrat Barelvi
    Issue! And why should the recent issues of Dargah Sharif of
    Ajmer be mainly in Yellow & blue- does somebody out there has
    any clue??

  5. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    The above page is from my frame “My experiments with philately” under
    the heading The elements of ISLAM, a numerology cal Philately over 786.

  6. Nasim Raza Khan says:

    786.collection…….786 in my museum Al Deendar Shamsi Academy – Dildarnagar, Ghazipur, U.P. India.

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