Study of An Early Indian Postcard

\"\"By R.K.Mishra

The Post card was issued in 1899 the  “East “was removed from the heading, costing ¼ a (quarter Anna) with head of King Edward VII in 121 X 74 mm size .It was reprinted on 9.8.1902.

Cancellation:Muzafferpur -8 March.11 (time) 13.30 P.M. The delivery cancellation MORADPUR (Bankipur P.O. was the then known as Moradpur)-8.30 A.M-9 March 11 (1911) .The letters was deliver within 20 hours when journey of rail from Muz. to Pahleza ghat  and then by steamer to Mahendru ghat Patna the entire distance is about 50 km.This was the services of an ordinary post.

Script of the Post Card: Is KAITHI, this script was prevalent at that time mostly used by Munsi of Zamindars and  was official script of Govt. documentation.

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3 Responses to Study of An Early Indian Postcard

  1. Dinu says:

    Wa waow!!!!!
    Thanks RKM ji

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Good presentation. It would be nice if any old items may be exhibited fter 100 years on the same day. For example tomarrow a postcard / envelope may be exhibited of 18-07-1911.

  3. Ashok R. Sadolikar says:

    A good study of Indian Post Card ie. Indian Postal Stationary & good
    presentation. Thanks.

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