New Europa 2012 Stamps:Theme-Visit


\"\"Post Danmark has  issued a single EUROPA stamp. It depicts Pierrot pedalling away on his \”Christiania bike\” in the middle of rush hour, with Harlequin sitting in the box at the front. They are part of the cityscape, alongside everyone else travelling to or from work – part of the 36,000 cyclists a day recorded by the automatic cycle-counter on the Queen Louise Bridge.


\"\"The theme of this stamp is addressed to a time of summer holidays in Germany called \”Hundstagsferien\” (\”dog-day holiday\”). It lasts from 24 of July up to 24 of August. Its name doesn\’t come from some sweaty dogs in these supposedly hot summer days, but from Sirius, the Dog Star, which rises at this time period almost simultaneously to the sun.

Italy \"\"

 Winners of EUROPA 2012 Competition 

\"\"PostEurop announced Magyar Posta (Hungary), Turkish PTT (Turkey) and Hrvatska Posta (Croatia) as the top three winners of the 2012 EUROPA Stamp Competition at the Philatelic Forum in Paris. Magyar Posta, postal operator for Hungary was declared the Gold award winner of this competition. The winning stamp from Magyar Posta is one of two stamps designed by Agnes Rozmann, a Hungarian graphic artist. The main motif of the stamp is Hungary\’s online country code \’.HU\’, which is filled with peppers and grapes. 100,000 copies of the miniature sheet have been made by offset printing at the banknote printing company Penzjegynyomda.

The close first-runner of the EUROPA Stamp competition was Turkish PTT, postal operator from Turkey and finally, the second-runner up of the EUROPA Stamp competition went to Hrvatska Posta, postal operator for Croatia.

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