Postal Stationary of Pre Independence: Envelopes

\"\"By R.K.Mishra

On 29 th NOV. 1855 India’s first Postal stationery ; designed  and embossed  with Queen Victoria imprinted but by M/S de La & Co, LONDON on thin grayish blue wove paper with rounded gummed flap ,with lion and palm tree seal..Cost was ½ Anna in 102×65 sizes in mid of 18th century.(Victorian era )  In 1874 It was repeated in the size of 121×71 ,and in 1877.In 188×66 size then on 1.7.1881 costing 4 Anna in 133×76 size. In 1883 and on 1.5.1886 it was repeated in 118×66-120×95 sizes. On1st Jan.1891 issued in the value of Two Anna & 6 pies. and repeated in 1892, in 1899 One Anna on two Anna, six pies this was of end of queen era In 1902-1907(Edwardian era) King Edward vii imprinted bust design introduced value ½ Anna in the sizes of 119×65-120×95 and 152x88mm. In 1913 King George V (King V  Era )Oval design was intro introduced and was repeated in 1921-1922-1926 and on 19 March 1932-14 April 1932-10 August 1939-29 Jan.1941 with increased rate of 1 a 6pies, the last print of pre independence era. (Curtsy-Indian Postal Stationery)

\"\"Observations;1. Most of the Envelops are 157 to 80 years old. 2. So are the Cancellations

Details of the above Envelops-1.Issued on15 th Sept 1857costing ½ Anna measuring 102X65mm.The small is a enlarged copy of imprinted stamp & back flap a blue seal.2.Issuedin 1902-1907 King Edward VII ½ Anna measuring 119X65mm next is inlargedstamp.3. Issued in 1921 in George V costing half Anna in the size of 119×67 4 issued same as above with One Anna impinged over stamp in black. 5. Some privately printed commercial and plane envelops are used affixing stamps shown as extra items at that time.  (Most of them are centurions Envelops)

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3 Responses to Postal Stationary of Pre Independence: Envelopes

  1. ANIL Kr Pujara says:

    Beautifury. Thanks Mislry . Glimpses of Very Rare n Scare Cancelled Postal Stationary. Thanks Mishra Ji.


    Postal stationery is usually give the go by in philately. Yet, go
    to a post office & you’ll realise that it is the most requested item
    by public.

  3. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Postal Stationary-Postal history are vital part of Philately.Philatelic study
    researches are mostly done in this area and are very rich and older than stamp.Under the Inter/National exhibitions postal history exhibits are separately grouped and at circle level C.P.M.G Special running awards/trophy are arranged.Potential area and subjects under postal stationery are vast and are being explored every day.Its low cost philately mostly Kings are not found here.

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