French MS on Battle Tricentenary Denain

France, one way or another, is closely linked to the Spanish theme. I dare say more stamps \"\"issued in relation   Spain to us about issues Gauls. So lovers of the \”joint\” [that idiocy destroys the complicated language and civic life in the moment a \”fool\” of the moment he starts talking and uses the male / female continuously] can get to work for start repairing the unfairness with our neighbors.

Today we bring you a beautiful leaf block honoring the tercentenary of the battle that changed Denain [others tell you otherwise] the destinies of Europe in general and Spain in particular. Some of the consequences still persist, the Treaty of Utrecht came to liquidate those nearly three decades of war, was signed on April 11, 1713, brought a great loss: the Netherlands, Naples, Sardinia and the Duchy of Milan were the flag German. The British were left with Minorca and Gibraltar, the treaty included a clause granting a general amnesty for the Catalans but not maintenance of the charters. On June 22, 1713 Prince Starhemberg informed that they had reached a political agreement with the Viceroy in Hospitalet de Llobregat, but in fact secretly gave Tarragona Bourbon troops and embarked, leaving his fortune to Catalonia. Felipe V continued the siege will end with the surrender of Barcelona on 12 September and full employment the next day, immediately dissolved the Generalitat and the Council of One Hundred. In the preceding century had been lost also other areas of the Catalan lands north of the Pyrenees.

The leaf has a facial from 0.77 € (basic rate Europe), shows one of the pictures of the famous Hall of Battles in the equally beautiful and lavish palace of Versailles, the oil was one of those who once gave the Museum Louvre for display in the magnificent halls of the palace. This beautiful painting was made ​​in 1839 Jean Aloux [known as the Roman, was born in Bordeaux in 1786 and died in Paris in 1864] and shows the famous military encounter of July 24, 1712 where the Bourbons achieved a decisive victory against the defending the Austrians [United Provinces and the Holy Roman Empire, or what is the same seven states against the French who end up being the victors of the meeting]. The design was given by Didier Thimonier Ateliere was held in photogravure without phosphorus in tooth 13 ¼ and had a circulation of 1,800,000 copies.

Commander Claude Louis Hector de Villars is the one attracting the immediate attention on the canvas and that\’s the part that is boxed and serrated to give the stamp. He led about 25,000 men and had about 10% casualties. The opposing forces were commanded by Arnold van Keppel [Earl of Albemarle] and Eugene of Savoy with some 11,000 men, of which about half [including wounded] were on the battlefield and there was forged the final War of Spanish Succession that enquistó in violence between 1701-1713 [Catalonia and Mallorca resisted until 1714 to 1715] and the outcome is the establishment of the House of Bourbon in Spain\’s history. Remember that Charles II [The Bewitched was the Habsburg] and died childless in 1700. Spain was a tempting prey to the powers of the time and the Iberian Quixotes jumped at the chance to finish, again resolve their troubles on the battlefield and go … It\’s like, are like flamingos and the first exchange we go again. When do next? With what we have inherited the \”smiles\” do not have enough at any time the spark, especially in these times when everyone is looking at the navel. In short, to have much interest in how and why, has thousands of pages written by historians of different persuasions to help you successfully document this and any emission alluding to the War of Succession which cost us so much and where Europe at the time were willing to get huge profits at the expense of the belligerents [is easily forgotten that after the defeat, we always end up footing the bill for our own misery].

Denain is a city in northern France, belongs to the district of Valenciennes, occupies 11.52 km ² and had just over 20,000 inhabitants at the beginning of the XXI. That\’s where it began to circulate, the May 12, 2012, the beautiful piece postcard today has come to our meeting Hispanic.

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