Embezzlement of Rs. 12 Lakh in Jaipur GPO

Came to light when asked for details of Sale of Special Cover, Booklet and Presentation Pack.

Jaipur GPO (General Post Office) faces embezzle in sale of Special Covers, Booklet and Presentation Packs.

\"\"GPO sold Special covers, Booklet and Presentation packs of around 12 Lakh and 24 thousand Rs during the year 2007 to 2010. But according to the treasury on 16 March 2012, only 24 thousand has been deposited. The left over Booklets and Sheetlets were deposited 5 months earlier when people complained. Mr. Ullas jain of Jawahar Nagar, when asked for the detail using RTI, no sufficient answer was provided to him. Children’s Day Covers around 300, All India Police Duty Meet Special Covers around 200, Vintage Car Rally Special Covers around 200, Drink Milk around 200, and SchoolPex covers around 400. Each special cover costs around 10 Rs each. Around 1025 Rs. Is deposited in total of around 60,000 items including many more.  Asst. Post Master of GPO Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma said that complaints have been received for a long time and the appropriate action will be taken.(Translation of the news item published in Dainik Bhaskar 1 July 2012)

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10 Responses to Embezzlement of Rs. 12 Lakh in Jaipur GPO

  1. Kamran says:

    Jaipur Philately Bureau is truly following our leaders.

  2. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    A very good effort needed to expose them.This be sent to-
    1Minister communication, Director, India Posttheir audit cell,vigilance,Audit cell chief ( AS HOW THEY HAVE VERIFIED INSPECTED AND AUDITED THE ACCOUNT AND GIVEN CERTIFIED REPORT TO GVT.)A letter be sent to CPMG Jaipur for setting up investigation at his level .
    Once more my heartiest thanks to Mr. Ullas jain of Jawahar Nagar,Dainik Bhaskar .

  3. Dinu says:

    It is no surprise the way things are locked and kept away from public domain.
    I am sure many responsible in authority are reading these comments but still today the issue list for 2012 is not made public in website.

    The attitude , which seems to govern this official is – ” so long Anna Hazare sits on fast or mass suicide does not takes place’ why should we publish this.

    Anyhow that is life and as long as something similar to French revolution is not coming up why to worry.

  4. Dinu says:

    Shortly we will need a dictionary to look up for ABC of Scam


    Quick & exemplary punishment to the guilty.

  6. sreejesh says:

    I sent Rs. 1500/- to Sr. Post Master Philatelic Bureau, Jaipur – 302001 vide MO No. A 3216 dated 09.3.2011 for some special covers. But till today I’m not recd any material from the said Post Master.

    • Vijay Kumar Jain says:

      Have you recovered your money from Jpgpo ?
      If not, then I will take up your case and do the needful for recovery.
      The prime accused I.e. then Dy.postmaster is facing investigation of CVC/CVO/CBI.

  7. Dinu says:

    You should have started complaining earlier.
    Might be you have done it already.

  8. Krista Mary says:

    What happened with the case of Dehradun Philatelic Bureau? Similar case occurred in Dehradun , in the case of Military Academy booklets issued in quantity of 100,200 & 500 each ,almost couple of years back.

  9. dinu says:

    Reply to all reader of this post
    I have felt that we only brew storm in tea cup. Pending issues are always neglected and we start living with the system
    Look at Kalamadi – noone who invited him knows that he is being investigated for criminal offence as noone sent a letter to the related authority saying so – It seems noone is educated enoughto read a news paper.
    No joint protest was ever raised.
    Look at Barun Biswas of Sutia , North 24 – Paraganas, West bengal , India – lost his life ashe stood for a cause
    Look at Immanuel Sekarnar – we proudly collect his stamp conveniently forgetting his ideology.
    Look at the other whistle blower in India – either killed or facing harrassment.
    Look at Bharat Bhusan , head of Agency leading to civil aviation – see how they were dumped.

    Why to start looking at a hobby which is collecting paper – a bit ; Nothing will happen here – for that I am convinced, even if I do not like it.

    Do any one of us think that any guilty for this embezzlement in Jaipur will ever be punished.

    I do doubt

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