Storing Your Stamp Collection: Organization Ideas

Philately is the hobby of stamp collecting. This hobby can prove to be very educational and entertaining. Stamp collectors have a variety of ways in which to preserve the stamps for their enjoyment. Following is a discussion of the process of obtaining, mounting, organizing and storing a stamp collection.

\"\"Stamps can be collected by simply asking friends and relatives to tear the stamp potion of their envelopes etc. off and save them for the collector who would also be saving his/her own stamps from personal mail. The collector could also sort through disposed of envelopes etc. from offices, with permission from proper personnel. The more avid stamp collector might choose to purchase stamps from retail outlets or order them from catalogues. One very popular such catalogue is published by Scott and Stanly Gibbons. Stamps that are still on paper (envelope, post card and etc.) are called kiloware. Some kilowares are worth more still affixed to the paper. Some examples of such stamps include very old stamps. If in doubt about removing a stamp from the paper it is on, it is best to seek the advice of a seasoned collector to assure that doing so won’t decrease the value of the stamp. The best method for getting the stamp separated from its original item is to soak the stamp while it is still attached to paper (removing all but just the stamp and corner of paper) in warm water. Once the stamp separates from the paper, the stamps should be placed singly on newspaper and allowed to dry. One dry, they should be placed in piles and some weight placed on each pile to prevent the stamp from curling up.

Storage of stamps can be done in any envelope but glassine envelopes make it possible to view the stamps through the envelope. The stamps can also be stored in a stock album which basically is an album with pockets which allow for the stamps to be stored in any fashion. One might also choose to use an album for stamp storage.

The album can be one with blank pages on which to affix stamps at the collector’s discretion or it can have pages of illustrations of stamps for the collector to affix his/her corresponding stamp to. Software is now available to help the collector organize pages of stamp albums. The use of tape or glue for stamp storage is not recommended. Stamp hinges and stamp mounts are a preferred method for affixing stamps in a way that will better protect the stamp’s integrity.

Stamp collections can be organized in a variety of ways. Albums with pre-printed places for stamps are already classified (often by country) but for those choosing their own method of classification a variety of organizational methods can be used. Some collectors only collect stamps related to certain topics. Such topics might include: automobiles, sports, presidents, stamps from certain countries and etc.

A collection of stamps from a variety of countries could be organized in a loose leaf binder or a collector might choose to design a page in the shape of each country from which the stamps in the collection are from and affix the stamps corresponding to the country if of its origination. They could also be organized in a loose leaf binder with plastic covers that protect the stamps and separator pages that name the country that the stamps are from. This could be done in alphabetical order, if the designer of the album chose to.

Stamps marking historical events could be displayed in a loose leaf binder with plastic protective covers and sequenced in chronological order and a clipping from a newspaper or other informational item concerning the event could be displayed with the stamp. Those commemorating people would likely by classified by occupation or achievement of the person(s) featured.

Presidents would likely be classified in chronological order.

Stamp collectors have numerous options of ways to store and organize their stamps for their enjoyment of this age-old and very educational hobby. Stamp collecting can also be enjoyed on a modest budget.(

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