US:Forever Stamps to Celebrate Disney Pixar Characters

U.S. Postal Service has celebrated the issuance of 125 million new stamps featuring popular Disney Pixar characters. Following up on Send a Hello stamps issued in 2011, the eagerly awaited Mail a Smile stamp sheet includes five different designs spotlighting:

\"\"– Flik and Dot from \”A Bug\’s Life\” (1998);
– Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) and Dashiell \”Dash\” Parr from \”The Incredibles\” (2004), with \”Dash\” also shown running in the background;
– Nemo and Squirt from \”Finding Nemo\” (2003);
– Woody, Bullseye, and Jessie from \”Toy Story 2\” (1999);
– Boo, Mike Wazowski, and James P. \”Sulley\” Sullivan from \”Monsters, Inc.\” (2001).

The back of the stamp sheet shows blue-pencil sketches of characters from these movies interspersed among text that exhorts readers to mail a smile to a loved one. Postal Service art director William Gicker of Washington, DC, worked with Disney Pixar to design the stamp art.

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