Label being Sold as Postage Stamp

\"\"By Neeraj Kumar

A label was sighted on auction site in previous days.Seller described this item as postage stamp     “India 1974 Jainism Lord Mahavir 2500th Anniv block of 4”.It is a label being sold as a postage stamp. The label does not mention the country (India) or the price of the ‘stamp’. The sale price was $ 5.00.

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2 Responses to Label being Sold as Postage Stamp

  1. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Lebels are part of Philatelic items used(in limited number to project the them) India Post were also selling T.B. Seals etc the cost goes to T.B. eradication.The cost is very high.

  2. Sandeep says:

    Dear Mr. Neeraj,
    You should write an email through ebay to the person auctioning the item, reporting inappropriate description of item.
    Ebay always supports dispelling of such fraudsters, even if it is a highly ‘starred’ seller of ebay.
    I have personal experience of such case, where ebay supported me in ‘reforming’ one such swindler, who was trying to sell me damaged item (not ready to replace with good piece). After I wrote to ebay customer care, we got the cheat begging for mercy within next two days and replacing the item the imeediately.

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