Falkland Islands Issued Stamps on Coastal Landscapes

\"\"This Falkland Islands stamp issue features Coastal Landscapes. Four designs were used to illustrate the typical features of the windswept coastline on the east and west of the archipelago.The 30p value shows Surf Bay, situated near Stanley, and represents the many sweeping sandy bays found on the east side of East Falkland. These beaches of crystal white sand can extend from a few hundred meters to half a mile or more in length.

The 75p value shows the formidable cliffs of New Island. New Island is situated on the SW corner of the Falkland archipelago and the furthest point west of the Islands. It is renowned for its dramatic west side cliffs shown here in this design.

The £1 stamp shows Steeple Jason Island, a typical coastal scene in the NW of the archipelago. Here, several islands form the Jason Island group, a chain of formidable islands where the majority are topped with impressive peaks giving this one the name of \”Steeple\”. Geologically this particular group is formed from a large underwater ridge which stretches some thirty miles from the extreme point of the NW corner of the main island of West Falkland, to the furthest point of the archipelago. Where the \”chain\” is broken to form these islands, an up-welling is created to form impressive tide rips which result in some of the roughest waters in the Islands.

The £1.20p stamp illustrates Deaths Head and Grave Cove, a typical scene on the northern point of West Falkland. Here the landscape is dominated by impressive dome shaped cliffs. It is not known if there is any connection with the naming of Deaths Head and the small cove of Grave Cove which lies in the shelter of the former, but here there are some six graves. Evident by the way they are laid in the same fashion and position, it is probable that this was the result of a boating accident in the waters off Deaths Head.

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