Ukraine:Euro 2012 Stamp Unveiled

\"\"Ukrainian schoolchildren gathered at a main square in the capital Kiev on Monday to take part in the official unveiling of a commemorative Euro 2012 giant stamp. The stamp is made up of 208 cardboard pieces. The tournament will climax on July 1st when two Europena soccer teams vie for the championship cup at Kiev\’s Olympic Stadium.  Ukraine, co-hosting the Euro 2012 tournament with neighboring Poland, has unveiled seven other stamps to mark the tournament which began June 8th.  [Boris Kolesnikov, Deputy Prime Minister for Infrastructure]:    \”The tournament was a success. All citizens of our towns welcomed guests not only from abroad, but from Ukraine also. So there are no doubts that the tournament will end successfully. There were more guests than we expected.Organizers have submitted the 208-square-meter stamp to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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