Postage Mark to Stamp Lombardo’s City Ties

He\’s Canada\’s biggest-selling music artist, but unknown to many younger Canadians.Now, \"\"London has a new way to shout out it\’s the birthplace of Guy Lombardo. A new postage mark will be put on mail sent from three Canada Post outlets in London proclaiming the bandleader and violinist was born here in 1902.There are about 400 marks across the country, said Jim Phillips, director of stamp services for Canada Post.\”It\’s kind of a niche little thing that\’s kind of fun,\” he said. \”We do it to commemorate and honour local heritage.\”The marks, also called cancellations because they mean a stamp has been used, are free to anyone who asks when sending mail.The mark was the idea of Lambeth postmaster Timothy Lewis. Postage marks and stamps are a great way to learn about geography and history, he said.Lombardo sold about 300 million records before he died in 1977. The new simple circular postage mark incorporates a maple leaf symbol from his band The Royal Canadians.Three local post offices will carry the postage mark: 515 Richmond St., 387 Wellington Rd., and 2490 Main St. in Lambeth. The mark will be available in a few days.

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