Slovakia Issued Stamp on Battle of Rozhanovce

\"\"Slovakia Post has issued a stamp on 700th anniversary of the Battle of Rozhanovce.The Battle of Rozhanovce was fought between King Charles I of Hungary and the family of Palatine Amades Aba on June 15, 1312, on the Rozgony (today Rozhanovce) field. Chronicon Pictum described it as the \”most cruel battle since the Mongol invasion of Europe\”. Despite many casualties on the King\’s side, his decisive victory brought an end to the Aba family\’s rule over eastern Kingdom of Hungary, weakened King\’s major domestic opponent Matthew Czak, and ultimately secured power for Charles I of Hungary. This momentous event was also painted by a painter who illustrated the Illuminated Chronicle after 1370. He depicted the defeat of Amades and armies of Matthew Czak of Trencin by the falling of the flag with the historical symbol of Slovakia – double cross on three hills. This picture served as a theme for the stamp.

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