Croatia Released Stamps on Towns Blagaj and Visoko

\"\"Croatian post  has issued se-tenant  stamps on  middle age towns – Blagaj and Visoko.

Blagaj:The old town Blagaj, locally known as Stjepangrad, is located near Mostar above the spring river of Buna and since 2003 it has been added to the list of National Monuments of B&H. Its construction is attributed to the powerful noble Count Stjepan Vukcic Kosaca, the founder and master of Herzegovina. It was built at the foremost of high, inaccessible karst from which all roads of Neretva and Buna valley could be monitored. The oldest data of Blagaj are dating from 1417 when two leaders Hranic and Pavlovic were in war.

Visoko:The middle age town Visoko was built on Visocice hill, above the valley where the modern town of Visoki is located. In 2004 it was declared as the national monument of B&H. At the end of 12th century, during the reign of Kulin Ban, the Visoko valley was the political and cultural centre of medieval Bosnian state.

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