Canada Honoured Hero of 1812 War

\"\"Canada Post issued stamps depicting First Nations leader Tecumseh and British Gen. Isaac Brock in the first of a series of War of 1812 images.Under a white tent in midmorning 33 C heat, Canada Post revealed the twin stamps to a large crowd of Grade 7 students and residents gathered for the festivities at the historical society grounds on Tecumseh Road. The stamps depict Ohio-born Shawnee leader Tecumseh and Brock, a British native, facing each other.The two stamps are sold as a pair, separated by a perforation. In 1812, Tecumseh and Brock formed an alliance at Fort Malden ahead of the invasion of Fort Detroit. Tecumseh and 500 native warriors paddled to Detroit and surrounded the fort. They were followed by Brock and several hundred British troops. The Americans, who feared a fight with aboriginal warriors, surrendered quickly without fighting.Tecumseh is known as an aboriginal leader who coalesced First Nations people to ally with the British to prevent U.S. expansion west into native lands. Brock was a military general with several battle victories before he died in October 1812. Tecumseh died during the Battle of the Thames in 1813.\”We enjoy the fruits of their labours with 200 years of peace,\” said Bob Labute, a volunteer with the historical society.Canada Post is printing 150,000 stamps that will be available nationwide. The stamps won\’t be reissued once they are sold out.

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