India Post: Confusion Worst Confounded-Release of Immanuel Sekarnar Stamp

\"\"By Anil Kr Pujara

India Post decided to release a commemorative stamp on Immanuel Sekarnar in the year 2010. Originally stamp was scheduled to be released on 9.10.2010. Post offices like Mumbai, Chennai etc released the stamp n FDC on 9.10.2010. As everybody knows scheduling n rescheduling is the order of the day with India Post. The release of this stamp was postponed but the information did not reach at Mumbai n Chennai from where the Stamp was released n also the FDC. But Delhi released it on 31.12.2010 being the last day of the year unceremoniously. Here is the FDC which bears both cancellations of Both Mumbai n Delhi the Capitol of Babudom.   Great India Post Gr8

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9 Responses to India Post: Confusion Worst Confounded-Release of Immanuel Sekarnar Stamp

  1. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    ‘There is silver lining in the darkest cloud’
    Mr. Pujara,
    A very rare error cancellation ,I have not seen this type of error.

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    This is not “the Capitol of Babudom”. It is all created intensionally by some of our Philatelic friends which is not good.

    • Dinu says:

      I agree with Jain Saab and Garg saab.

      I do not understand how the experienced person of Delhi GPO (I have seen him many times and got some good guidance on cancellation) could have fixed the cancellation second time on same envelope.

      Anyhow I have written before and have witnessed that once upon a time inside of the sale counter as well as the office was very easily accessible for few.

      Have witnessed Tagore’s maxim card being cancelled by one collector himself as the responsible person was away in nature’s call.

      The silver lining is now a days this has reduced – at least I could not see it happening whenever I visit the post office.


    Stamp dealers just adore these things & pray almighty for more
    and more of the same things. Such happenings create interest,
    don’t they!
    Anyway,where is the Error? For me just two different places
    and 2 different dates. The episode is unique somewhat but the
    stamp & the cover are the same. Moreover, several other bureaux
    must have issued it on 31.12.2011, I suppose.

  4. vishal says:

    I am agree with Sudhir ji .

  5. Dinu says:

    Just for information to all reader as per the packing list of collector’s pack this stamp was released on 09.10.2010.

    However, till today there is no mention of this stamp in the issued stamp list of India post website.

    WNS website lists the release date as 09.10.2010.
    Those who has the cancelled stamp with 31.12 must have hit the jackpot.


    Some of the top five GPOs issued the cover on 31.12.2010.
    So, lots & lots of PDA holders must have got their with a
    31st. Dec. cancellation. No scarcity here!


    In my city, The Postmaster is very very serious about a date seal,
    for him it is sacred . But for the official whose job is to
    prepare the date seals first thing in the morning-it is a child’s
    play, well almost.
    Maybe,FDC cancellations too are not all that special for I am told
    that these seals stay in the GPO/HO etc. for next 6 months. I am
    not fully sure though.

  8. sreejesh says:

    Originally this stamps was released at chennai on 09-10-2010. If any other date is used for cacellation is only a Philatelists child play and the cover shown is a utter waist not a philately item at all, such type of items publishing in reputed webs etc… is just to make fool to philatelists only. India post was clearly informed all the Philatelic bureaus that the correct date is 09-10-12 only.

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