Liechtenstein:Stamps on 2012 Olympic Games

\"\"The “LOSV 2012 in London” stamp is to honour the extremely active Olympic Sports Association formed 20 years ago by amalgamation of the FLSV (Principality ofLiechtenstein Sports Association), the LOK (Liechtenstein Olympic Committee) established in 1935 and the SLSH (Liechtenstein Sport Promotion Foundation).Stamps on “Swimming” (face value CHF 1.00) and “Tennis” (face value CHF 1.40). These are two Olympic disciplines for which two young Liechtenstein sportswomen were selected in the winter of 2011: Stephanie Vogt in the Tennis and Julia Hassler in the Swimming (400 and 800 metres Freestyle). The duo is to be joined in London by the athlete Marcel Tschopp (Marathon). Date of Issue: 14 June 2012 Denominations: CHF 1.00, CHF 1.40

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