Save Sparrows :Special Pictorial Cancellation

\"\"By Sanjeev Jain

At a time when the population of sparrows is fast declining due to loss of their habitats, city-based bird lovers are striving hard to save them from extinction. On the occasion of World Sparrow Day on March 20, the bird watchers in the city urged people to contribute their bit in saving the little bird from getting extinct. Gita Randhawa, a bird lover, was excited to see a full flock of sparrows at Ganga Barrage on the eve of World Sparrows Day. \”Lot of people feed sparrows at Ganga Barrage which is very amazing because this shows that the awareness has increased among them towards the little bird. I am hopeful that the number of sparrows would increase if this trend continues,\” said Gita while talking to TOI. Captain Praveen Chopra, another bird lover, was of the view that in old houses, sparrows used to find some space to build their nests, but in the new pattern of architecture, it is not possible.

This has reduced their numbers drastically.Chopra also said that people can contribute their bit in saving this tiny, beautiful creature so that its chirpy voice could be heard in the verandas and at perches. Gita said, \”People should keep bowls of water on the terrace and windows to save sparrows from dying due to thirst during peak summer season. Also people should sprinkle bajra in an open veranda to attract sparrows. These efforts can save this bird from getting extinct.\” It is worth mentioning here that increased use of pesticides in the fields, change in the pattern of buildings being made and gardens missing from the houses have become the main factors why the number of sparrows has declined sharply in the past few years. Also, the release of radiation from the mobile and the TV towers has also been a cause of death of sparrows. Meanwhile, on the occasion of World Sparrow Day, the authorities of Kanpur zoo had put up a photo exhibition on sparrows and other birds. The purpose of the exhibition was to inform visitors about sparrows and their ecological importance. Talking to TOI, K Praveen Rao, director, Kanpur zoo, expressed concern over the declining number of the little bird. Rao said there is a dire need to save sparrows from getting extinct. He said that if sparrows are not saved, the ecological balance would get disturbed as these birds feed on seeds and small insects and maintain the nature\’s balance. Rao also highlighted that the release of carbon monoxide from automobiles has also become a reason for the death of birds in large numbers. This needs to be curbed to save them, said Rao further. sanjeev jain dehradun

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2 Responses to Save Sparrows :Special Pictorial Cancellation

  1. gaurav jain says:

    excellent information


    In my schooldays when I came back home, away from koels,
    peacocks,papiha,parrots…lovely,chirpy, sparrows gave me company
    at home.
    The question is-where have all those sparrows gone?
    And how to bring them back!!

    Parrots are gone too. And the next in line are Pigeons, I’m afraid.

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