OLYMPEX 2012 -India Exhibition

By Cdr. (Retd) U.N Acharya

OLYMPEX 2012 would be the last Olympic Philatelic Exhibition that would be conducted by Federation International Philately Olympic (FIPO) at the famous British Library, in London, to commemorate the 30th Summer Olympic Games. Sadly, this year the exhibition is open for participation by invitation only and that too the theme is restricted to London Olympics 1908, 1948 and the present one. In Beijing Olympics, in 2008, three Olympic philatelists from the Garden City participated and returned triumphantly with some medal.

Owing to the restrictions cited in paragraph above, sadly, no one from India has been invited for OLYMPEX 2012. Therefore, Olympic Philatelists, from Bangalore, spearheaded by the ever enthusiastic Jagannath Mani, have endeavoured to exhibit their lifelong work in the Garden City itself. Proposal turned to reality when the Chief Post Master General, Karnataka Circle, accorded her approval for the conduct of the “Olymphilex 2012 – India” exhibition at the General Post Office from 27th July to 5 August, 2012.

About 40 frames are expected to be displayed by four major budding Olympic Philatelists and a few sport philatelists, including the veteran T.N Prahalad Rao, an octogenarian but with an enthusiasm of a 20 year old. The release of a special cover with a special cancellation approved by the CPMG Karnataka Circle on 27th July, the inaugural day of the summer Olympics, is scheduled with the Department of Youth Services and Sports, Govt of Karnataka sponsoring the same.It is expected that the internationally acclaimed 8 frame exhibit of Dinesh Chandra would be displayed in a special invitee class at the exhibition.( Cdr.Acharya is Hon Secretary, Naval Philatelic Society & Life Member Karnataka Philatelic Society)

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