Lucknow on Stamps:Special Postcards

\"\"By R.K.Mishra

In 2006 UP circle of India Post soecial post cards on the occasion of UPHILEX 2006

1.   Personality-a.Munsi Nawal Kishore. Issued on 19.02.70 .b.Begum Hazrat Mahal on10.05.1984.c .Maharaja Bijli Pasi, ruler of Bikaner.on16.11.2000.

2.   Parijat Tree-Se-tenent issued on 08.03.1997.

3.   50th Anniversary of Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaco botany. Issued on 11.09.1997

4.   A.150th Anniversary of State Museum issued in 1989  La Martiniere Collage, Lucknow.

5.   The cost of each post card is Rs5/

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  1. P.G.Deshpande says:

    Can I get the post cards as mentioned as lakhnow on stamps: special post cards @ re.5 each.

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