Textile-A Beautiful Theme for Stamp Collection

\"\"Textile is a popular theme among philatelists and many countries issued stamps on textile time to time.Here we are giving a thematic presentation from evolution to current status of textiles through postage stamps of various countries.

Textile Postage Stamps – Monaco\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – New Caledonia\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – Ireland\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – The Netherlands\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – Lebanon1965
Silk reeling, Weaving loom\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – Maldives 1979 Handicraft exhibition\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – Ivory Coast 1970, Textile factory\"\"

Textile Postage Stamps – Finland Weavers shuttle, 1985 – Fabric, 2000 – Ryijy, 2000 – Linen weaving\"\"

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6 Responses to Textile-A Beautiful Theme for Stamp Collection

  1. Anil Nawlakhe says:

    Nice briefing. The textile stamps not only presents evolutionary history of textile, but also presents examples how the paper based stamps themselves evolved in materialistic view. Appreciating job.

  2. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    A very fine collections of stamp,the thematic is also classic one,the section can be wool, cotton, weaving,design- motives, processing, (GANDHI) charkha ,takli, khadi etc ………


    Philatelist’s thematic imagination, it seems, is second only
    to the incomparable creativity of weavers and textile makers of
    the world.

  4. Really nice topic,we can present such articles atleast on monthly basis so that readers can get ideas.This type of articles can save the philately and this will divert people again to dying thematic collection.Again we should try to make philately only a HOBBY and hobbyyyyy rather than an INVESTMENT.

  5. Dinu says:

    I agree with Dr Jain.
    I am a Textile Engineer and have only three sets of Textile related (primary theme) stamps.

    Nice article – Kudo to author

  6. Sandeep says:

    I too agree with Dr. Jain and Dinu Ji.

    But why to miss-out the Khadi stamp of Mahatma Gandhi in this article, the only Indian stamp on textiles in theme and material too!

    I eagerly await the issue of stamps on ‘Indian Embroideries’ which was expected as seen in some unofficial stamps-issue programme on a philately-related website

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