Four Hobbies Together

\"\"By R.K.Mishra

Philately, Painting, Autograph and  Numismatic

Philately-First Day Cover of J.L.Nehru centenary brought out on 14.11.1988(children’s day). It carries some special features like- Cancellation- Designing a cancellation in motif of autograph of a personality are rarely found in the history of Indian philately

Painting-Three moods of Nehru portrait sketch done by M.F.Hussain. The stamp of 60 paisa also seems to be a painting of Nehru, National flag in the background. By M.F.Hussain

Autograph-The Cancellation is a design of Nehru initial. The sketch over F.D.C. is also initialed by M.F.Hussian in corner. Stamp of 60 initialed by Nehru

Numismatic– A coin of Rs one in the motif of Pandit Nehru was issued in 1989 by Bombay, Calcutta & Hyderabad Mint celebrating the Centenary of Nehru.(Metal-copper-nickle.weight-6 gms. ,diameter-26.00 mm)The first commemorative coin of India was also issued on 14 .11 1964 in the mummery of Nehru.

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  1. N.A. Mirza says:

    Wah Mishra Saheb kya baat paida ki hai aap ne. Believe me it is extremely inspiring for a philatelic writer and at the same gives direction on what and how to look at the minute details on any stamp and an FDC.

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