Greenland:New Franking Labels

\"\"POST Greenland replaced the Greenlandic franking labels. The designs, which adorn the four franking labels, have all been selected from the beautiful Greenlandic fauna, and will include a polar bear, a white-tailed eagle, a walrus and musk oxen.The walrus was photographed by Carsten Egevang at Young Sound, NE Greenland. The muskoxen were photographed by Olivier Gilg in Inglefield Land, NW Greenland. The white-tailed eagle was photographed by Lars Maltha Rasmussen at Saqqarliit, Nuuk.The polar bear was photographed by Olivier Gilg in Fram Strait, NE Greenland.All values between DKK 7.00 and DKK 100.00 are available.

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