FDC of IT College:India Post Presented 3 Varieties

\"\"\"\"By M.Gulrez

India Post issued a stamp along with First Day Cover on IT College Lucknow.As per the departments well known working style FDC of IT College was printed without mentioning a line \”First Day Cover/Pratham Diwas Avran\”.After few days of releasing of FDC India Post ordered the philatelic bureaus to print this line by rubber stamp.Some bureaus followed and many returned the FDCs to their headquarter.Due to all this ,there are 3 types of FDC s in the hands of collectors.First without printing of \”First Day Cover/Pratham Diwas Avran\”,Second this line by rubber stamp and third reprinted with this line.Thanks to India Post for creating 3 varieties of a single FDC.

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4 Responses to FDC of IT College:India Post Presented 3 Varieties


    Isabella Thoburn College Lucknow FDC: I have received one through
    a PDA/c. on which First Day Cover is printed in shiny blue ink,
    perhaps different from the one in black ink shown in your write-up.
    Reminds one of the drama of Refugee Relief Stamps overprint
    that happened between 1971 & 1973. That was a mountain, this
    is a molehill.

  2. Sudhir Jain says:

    Good observation. Thanks.


    Previously too, in Shyamcharan Shukla issue, FDCs are in tw0
    clear colors. Black Frame-Black Bust &
    Black Frame-Brown Bust.

  4. Neil Nazareth says:

    Good Evening,Read your interesting article About The Isabella Thoburn collage FDC…. Wanted to know which one of the 3 are difficult to get or more Rarer to contact.
    Brgds Neil

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