Austria:Stamp on 150 Death Anniversary of Johann Nestroy

\"\"The Austrian writer, actor, singer, playwright and satirist Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (1801 – 1862) was beyond doubt one of the most significant representatives of the old Viennese popular comedy. The motif for the commemorative released on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his death is a lithograph by Melchior Fritsch dating from 1857, showing Nestroy as Willibald in his burlesque “Die schlimmen Buben in der Schule”.In addition, the stamp also reproduces the quotation “The world is the true school, since it is there that you learn everything yourself”, from the same work in Nestroy’s transcribed original handwriting Johann Nepomuk Eduard Ambrosius Nestroy, to give him his full name, was born the son of a court and judicial advocate on 7 December 1801 in Vienna.His spontaneous improvisations in the middle of a performance were always a thorn in the censor’s flesh, since it was in this way that he was able to find a hearing for his socially critical content. Nestroy died in Graz on 25 May 1862 at the age of 61, following a stroke. Naturally, he continues to live today in his literary works.

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