India:Stamps without FDCs (1)

\"\"\"\"By Sudhir Jain

In India few commemorative stamps were released without their First Day Cover\’s.Most of them were released during 1947-1955.In 1953 a stamp on Railway centenary was released without official FDC.Philatelists used it as an creative opportunity and prepare beautiful Private FDCs.Cancellations of different philatelic bureaus were also different.

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9 Responses to India:Stamps without FDCs (1)

  1. Ajay Agarwal says:

    I appreciate the information and picture of the FDC

  2. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Indian Railway Centenary.Com. Stamp-Issued on 16.04.1953 was
    issued in a booklet form.A block of four stamps duly cancelled with a design of Diesel Locomotive and in the third fold design of the Special cancellation is printed.A write up ‘Indian Railway commemorates a century of progress of the Indian Rail.There are many countries who have brought out special
    postage stamps with railroads as there themes.The stamp is five pointed water marks.’
    I have used its booklet in my frame INDIAN RAILWAYES.


    More recently, 1989 pin code for fast mail 60p stamp & 1995
    communal harmony stamps were issued without Covers from
    India Post.
    Both beautifully designed stamps, most stamp lovers might agree!

  4. Sudhir Jain says:

    Thanks Mr. R. K. Mishra for the information. Can you please send a small write-up with scan of Booklet for Philamirror ?

  5. Sudhir Jain says:

    Thanks Sunil kumar Garg ji for the information.


    What’s wrong with Philamirror. Not running properly on IE9.

  7. Lee Straayer says:

    I really love this site. I have it bookmarked. The information on
    the subject of the stamps is something rarely available unless you
    buy directly through the foreign postal service. And I am particularly
    happy about having issue dates. That let’s me know when I should
    start to wonder if I missed the listing in Linns/Scotts monthly catalog

    I don’t know if you deal with FDC’s but I would like to know if FDC’s
    are available. I’m not a real collector of FDCs but my son died at a
    young age and I collect FDCs that were printed on his birthday or
    his death date and give them to his daughter who also has a fascination
    with stamps.

  8. Sudhir Jain says:

    Dear Mr. Lee,
    Please inform the date of birth and date of death of your son so that I can check if there was any FDC on that dates.

  9. R.K.MISHRA,LALA says:

    Dear Sri Jain,
    I have send it to Sri Anurag jee with a request
    to send it to you.

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