Australia Issued Stamps on Underwater World

\"\"Nudibranchs are marine molluscs renowned for their flamboyant colour patterns. They have evolved to the point where they no longer need the passive defence of a shell, instead opting for special chemical secreting glands or recycled stinging cells to keep their soft bodies intact.They have a set of exposed frilly gills and, most strange indeed, two “nose-stalks” termed rhinophores. The rhinophores are perched on top of the animal’s head allowing it to smell the water for food and possible mates.Nudibranchs can be found in all habitats from the deepest ocean to the shorelines of every continent. They come in many sizes, are beautiful to behold and have developed survival strategies, which defy the imagination.Date of Issue: 8 May 2012 Denominations: 3 x 60c, 2 x $1.20, 1 x $1.80

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