Vatican:Stamp on 600th Birth Anniversary of St. Joan of Arc

\"\"This year marks the 600th anniversary of the birth of St. Joan of Arc .Leaving aside the disputes over her mystical visions, during her life she perceived and promoted a way forward for France, which was in disarray and dominated by the English at the time.She supported the legitimacy of Charles VII as heir to the throne. Her efforts gave hope to the people. Her military victories, starting with the liberation of Orléans, and the growing consensus among the people, had a positive impact for the French in the Hundred Years War.During a military campaign, she was imprisoned and sold to the English by their allies the Burgundians. With courage and clarity of vision, she faced a trial for heresy where she was found guilty and condemned to death by burning at the stake. She affi rmed that her actions were a response to a divine order.

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