India Post:Different Dates on Stamp and FDC

\"\"By R.K.Mishra

India Post has not yet released stamp issue programme for 2012.It is assumed that India Post is simply following its traditions of delay and creating confusion among philatelists.Sant Tukdoji Maharaj born in April 1909 ,was a freedom fighter and social reformer/ worker .The Stamp was scheduled to be issued in early 1993 but for the reason unknown, stamp was issued after a lapse of more than two and half years on 10.12 1995.

1. The stamp bears the date-1993.

2. The first Day cancellation is of 10.12.1995.

3. The Stamp listed in 1995 of the Indian Postage Stamp 1947-2002      Catalogue Department of Post.

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3 Responses to India Post:Different Dates on Stamp and FDC


    Hope, Maths Day stamp postponed in December 2010 too is
    released in the same way sometime in 2012.

  2. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    If birth centenary issuance is to consider, yes the release is delayed. Issuance is altogether of the same date, from the mint,to FDC, to leaflet and so on that are philately related to the centenary. This is really confusing. No programme was followed

  3. Dinu says:

    Geetagovinda was issued in same manner – Stamps have different year and FDC a later year.

    History repeats itself and we never learn from history. It is a paradox.

    It is a pity that wise are so full of doubts and fools so confident.

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