India:Recent Special Cover\’s

Tulip Garden Srinagar\"\"


Bureau of Civil Aviation Security\"\"

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2 Responses to India:Recent Special Cover\’s

  1. Seshadri says:

    I am an occasional philatelist and have been collecting FDCs of India
    Post for several years. I also have an account with Ahmedabad GPO for
    supplyof FDCs, stamps, miniature sheets, and info sheets. I have very recently started subscribing to Phila Mirror and noticed several interesting stamp issues. I want the address of a stamp dealer from whom I can buy intresting stamps and special covers. Many thanks.

  2. Ricardo C. Guarde says:

    India Post issuance of three covers are attractive and fascinating . By the way, for the three covers, how much it cost including the mailing. Thanks to Phila Mirror.

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