Israel Released Stamps on Children\’s Books

\"\"This series is made up of eight classic Israeli children’s books. These books have become a common cultural denominator for two and even three generations of Israelis, from the first book in the series, “Come to Me, Nice Butterfly”, which was published in 1945 through “Itamar Walks on Walls”, which came out in 1986. All of these books are geared toward toddlers who cannot yet read. As parents and grandparents read them to today’s toddlers, they may reminisce about their own childhoods, enjoying the same stories they did when they themselves were children. All of these books have most definitely withstood the test of time.The books on stamps are-Come to Me, Nice ButterflyWritten by: Fania Bergstein, Illustrated by: Ilse Kantor, The Absent-Minded Guy from Kefar Azar,Written and illustrated by: Leah Goldberg,Raspberry Juice,Written by: Haya Shenhav, Illustrated by: Tamara Rikman ,A Tale of Five Balloons,Written by: Miriam Roth, Illustrated by: Ora Eyal Hot Sweet Corn,Written by: Miriam Roth, Illustrated by: Ora Eyal ,Itamar Walks on Walls,Written by: David Grossman, Illustrated by: Ora Eyal,The Lion that Loved Strawberries,Written by: Tirtza Atar, Illustrated by: Danny Kerman,Caspion the Little Fish,Written and illustrated by: Paul Kor,Prof. Miri Baruch.Technical Details:Issue Date: 17.04.2012 Designer: Miri Nistor Printer: Joh. Enschede, The Netherlands Process: Offset Size: 40 mm x 30 mm Values: USD 4.24

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