US:New Forever Stamps Commemorate Battles

The US Post issued a new “forever stamp” on 24th April 2012. It is second in the \"\"sesquicentennial series of postage stamps by the U. S. Postal Service in connection with the 150 year anniversary of the 1861-1865 conflict. These two stamps,  issued in the same format as the previous ones in sheets of 12, feature two significant battles of the war. The first set of stamps commemorate the naval assault, which was at the heart of the Battle of New Orleans, started on April 25 and finally ending on May 1 when Union General Benjamin “Beast” Butler took over the besieged city. The reverse of the sheet of stamps includes comments on the war by Union Adm. It also includes Charles Carroll Sawyer’s lyrics from the period’s popular song, “Weeping, Sad and Lonely,” also known as “When This Cruel War is Over” with music composed by Henry Tucker.

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