Customized Postal Stationary of India

\"\"By R.K.Mishra

Business Development Directorate of India Post  conceptualize the idea of a Company that sell a service ,idea or product needs to keep his company vision before their customers . They launched Customized Postal Envelope in 10 different sizes on 02/12/2001 18 customers only. The company gets the prestige linked to having its own customized stamp ,it get instant branding, it saves time as it has no need to frank the mail, and it gets all this cheaply, quickly and at the place it wants to mail from.\"\"

These envelopes are printed at M/S Calcutta security printers Ltd. Kanpur and Madras security printers, Chennai. Each envelope bears a unique number, which falls within the code numbers cover the security measures printed for company/client for whom they were prepared.

The logo of India Post is printed over envelops in fluorescent ink. Special code number is printed in black on the backside of envelope, e.g. 4CEVCOOO1 the numeral ‘4’ is the issue number of the customized envelop,followed by two letters ‘CE’ for customized envelop and two initials for the identification of the corporate client for whom the envelopes has been printed. Last digit stands for the individual unique number of the envelop these envelops were not available to the public at the postal counters. The product was withdrawn since 12/01/2004.

India’s first customized envelop issued only 25000 on 2nd.Dec.2002 .No. 1 CEN 022632 for NIIT

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