Where is the Stamp Issue Prograamme of India Post?

By Anil Kr Pujara

\"\"Month of April is coming to an end.4 months out of12 months of2012 are about to go. Stamp issue programme for the year 2012 of India Post for the year 2012 is yet to see the light of the day. Enough is written about it n enough is discussed in the Philatelic circles but our Great India Post is yet to come out of slumber. What stamps will finally get released in the year 2012 is a big guess for everyone as postponement n rescheduling of release of stamps is order of the day/ routine affair for India Post.
What has happened is no lessto. Stamp of Shayam Charan Shukla scheduled, rescheduled n finally preponed is ultimately released. Its fdc of 17.02.2012 bearing the cancellation of Ajmer n Ranchi Bureau are openly available in the market.Stamp of I.T.College Lucknow is rescheduled n finally when released, its FDC is defective. Marking \’FIRST DAY COVER, PRATHAM DIWAS AAVRAN\’.

In the end of December 2011, I received monthly bulletin of New Zealand Post. What delighted me most was a small pocket size calendar of 2012 in side the monthly routine bulletin. Initially, I did not pay much attention to it but after couple of days passed , one day I was looking at it n found that Stamp Issue schedule was given on it with dates of probable issue clearly, boldly n conspicuously encircled in each month for the whole year.

 A country much smaller in size n resources the India can plan, decide n publish the stamp issue programme for year2012 in 2011 itself n circulate, but Giant organization like India Post is still undecided what to do in 2012. Its indecisiveness is the root cause of premature issue of stamps from some corners of the country which ultimately forces us to hang our heads with shame in the international community.Crores of tax payers hard earned money must have been wasted in organizing International Exhibitions, State Level Exhibitions n finally Distt Level exhibitions in the name of promoting Philately but actually has Philatelic been really promoted or only coffers of few have only got promoted in turn from ill gotten easy money made by procuring false/fabricated bills of expenditure incurred in the name of holding these exhibitions. The future of philately is whether safe or not is also an issue of concern. State like Jammu n Kashmir is issuing basketful of Philatelic Products, North East circle issued cancelled special covers first without stamp then on request cancelled with stamps, cancellation having no relevance with the theme of cover.Distt level exhibition held at MuzzafarPur in the State of Bihar is felicitated by releasing two spl covers but the quality of cancellation is so horrible, one really feels pity on himself for choosing Philately as a Hobby. Is there anybody in India Post to spare few minutes to pay attention to this King Of Hobbys n Hobby of King n release stamp issue Programm for2012 n rationalize release of Special covers n lay down inform policy on the subject when Indian Post is one organization from Kashmir to KanyaKumari covering whole of India. What is PAC doing which has just PERMANENTLY N ACTUALLY CONFUSED body n needs revamping/overhauling?

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11 Responses to Where is the Stamp Issue Prograamme of India Post?

  1. Dinu says:

    Dear Pujaraji,
    I have harped on the same music for last three months and left it being frustrated. I am delighted to see your post as it seems we can form a relay team.

    I do not know why do I have a feeling that it is like shouting hoarse in darkness – No one in India post will ever listen.

    They have more important things to do than to publish a useless list of issue programme. Noone should ever ask question to babudom. They have their own technical reasons.

  2. awate says:

    Dear Sir, This is India Our ministry is capable to issue stamps when they wish. they are having extra ordinary brain/staff even projection & subjects. pl do not ask such question.

  3. Aayush says:


    There are no 2nd thoughts that the current PAC should be dissolved and a new committee should be formed. And the committee should be made up of collectors with a minimum 5 years of experience in Indian philately. And it should be directly responsible and in co-ordination with India post.

    I have heard from very reliable sources that the Indian stamp program for 2012 is not going to release before september due to an yet to receive approval from Kapil Sibal, minister of communications!!!!!

    Its become a joke! This year 45% stamps released are personalities! A couple of thematics that too of inferior design and colours were issued!

    Olympics is missing! Institutions and personalities have become the favrioute theme of all people in India, especially Shukla family.

    Where have the lighthouses, railway bridges, wells, etc disappeared??

    Its a shame we dont have any issue on gastronomy and cusine theme..!!!

    India post should drown itself out of shame like Titanic did 100 years ago!!

    Kapil Sibal, Pranab Mukherjee and others should be imposed with various RTI’s…

    • Anil Nawlakhe says:

      Are we/you sure that the new PAC will work without any fault. The present PAC also includes Philatelic organisers and philatelists. What they are doing? What’s guarantee that new member philatelists after inclusion in new PAC will not be on the same route.
      Better aske them what is their alloted responsibility, and what allowances/perks are paid to them for that job. If they are not doing the job to satisfaction they may be asked to return the public amount with interest throughPublic Interest Litigation. Of course, the RTI is very useful vehicle to take on the path for willers and wishers.
      I connect this with earlier discussion under
      India:Strange Stamp Issue Programme for 2012 at

  4. atish kumar jain says:

    Our beloved postal department is sleeping, do not worry, they might get up in december and issue all the stamps in one month itself, so do not awake them please……….


    Sorry! but true. I feel like I should apologize to all those, if any, who
    must have opened a PDA with Mumbai GPO on my recommendation
    on these pages.
    I still thank Mumbai GPO, PDA deptt. for great service provided to
    me for the last 30 plus years or so. Not any more!!
    Perhaps the rot has set in there too. If 2010 was the worst year of
    service then 2012 is sure to surpass even that, as I have not received
    a single supply of stamps from Bombay GPO till date.
    2011 was only just better that 2010 & I am still awaiting later
    issues of 2011 even after 25th April 2012.


    Sorry for the typo! ‘that’ of line 2 from bottom should read than.

    Great info about NZ post. Unfair comparison, perhaps, as the
    NZ is such a little, little, beautifully small country.

  7. siddhart says:

    Yesterday I went to kolkata gpo to buy stamp for april issue. I collect sheet so I told them to give me single sheet . Every body in kolkata gpo knows that I collect sheet. They said that they are not in a possition to give me sheet as it is in short supply . I think short supply only for the collector and not for dealer

  8. Dinu says:

    To all the Senior philatelist who are reading my post.
    I am sure that someone of you might know some of the PAC member and their email id – please forward link of sited two articles to them.

    I know two or three of senior IP officials and I am going to mark this link to them – in case some sensitivity is left there in some unseen corner.


  9. Sandeep says:

    I would like to remind India post and so called PAC, to plan for next year, some beautiful stamps on
    – Swami Vivekanand (150 birth anniversary) and
    – Amrita Shergill (Birth centenary),
    in case not done so far and irrespective of whether stamp issue program is published or not next year.

  10. Vijay says:

    We are a third class country, with a third class government and a third rate bureaucracy running it. Are you expecting efficiency? Which Govt Organisation is efficient? Let us consider ourselves now. Do we do our jobs honestly and efficiently? What right does any citizen in this country have, to complain about anything. We are getting the Govt and the service that we deserve.

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