Japan Issued Stamps on 60th Anniversary of Okinawa Prefecture

\"\"Japanese Post issues a new stamp set commemorating the 60th anniversary of Okinawa prefecture.The stamp issues dedicated to the enforcement of the local autonomy act and illustrating culture, nature, history of different Japanese prefectures have become traditional for the Post of Japan. The stamps feature:Shuri Castle (largest wooden building in Okinawa) and Kumiodori (person performing the traditional arts of song and dance); Shuri Castle Gate (erected in the years 1527-1555 and restored in 1958 after it had been destroyed by fire); Ryukyu Bingata (costume used under the Ryukyu dynasty by noble people and royal family); Ryukyu dance (classic dance as performing art used to entertain guests); Deigo (plant widely cultivated in tropical areas of Southeast Asia. It was designated the official flower of Okinawa Prefecture in 1967). The stamps background depicts the island of Ishigaki.

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