Danmark Issued Nordic II Coastline 2012 Stamps

\"\"Danmark Issued two stamps on the theme “Life at sea” on 21st March 2012 in the pan-nordic series “nordic Coastlines.” the motifs are based on photographs taken by steen Larsen. the stamps are designed by post Danmark stamps and produced in offset.The Air Force’s three helicopters – based in Aalborg, Skrydstrup and Roskilde – are ready for action at all times of the day and night, every day of the year. The DKK 6.00 stamp shows one of them in action.The DKK 11.00 stamp shows the helicopter landing on the helipad on top of Copenhagen University Hospital. Technical Details- Designer: Steen LarsenPrinter: Post Denmark, stampsProcess: OffsetSize: 30 x 42 mmValues: 6.00 DKK, 11.00 DKK

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