Belarus Released Stamp on Bird of the Year:Black Swift

Belarus issued a stamp on Black Swift on 22nd March 2012.The Black Swift (Cypseloides \"\"niger) is found from northern British Columbia in Canada through the United States and Mexico to Costa Rica and Brazil. It is also found on islands in the West Indies.In flight, this bird looks like a flying cigar with long slender curved wings. The plumage is mostly a sooty dark gray. There is some contrast between the upper and lower wing. The shoulders are much darker in color than the remaining portion of the wing. They also have short slightly forked tails.Their breeding habitat is frequently associated with water. The birds most often nest on high cliff faces, either above the ocean surf or behind or next to waterfalls. The nest is made of twigs and moss glued together with mud. They will also use ferns and seaweed if available. The females usually lay 1 egg, sometimes 2, and incubation lasts 23-27 days. Young are fed usually once a day by both parents, most often at dusk.

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